BOPP Packaging Tapes

  • Bi-axially oriented polypropylene film backing.
  • Pressure-sensitive acrylic emulsion adhesive.
  • Resistant to score line breaking and seam splitting.
  • Designed for multiple substrates and carton liner paper.
  • Bonds instantly & holds through wide temperature swings.
  • Jumbo rolls in bigger lengths of 650m & 1000m for Automatic.
  • Colors available: Brown & transparent.

BOPP Printed Tapes

  • It is an efficient general advertising tool.
  • Company name, logo & customized messages can be printed on tape.
  • It seals, protects & secures your transport packages.
  • It helps in easy-to-recognize message indications.
  • Also helps in detecting pilferage & counterfeiting.

BOPP Color Tapes

  • It is your sorting helping hand for your jobs.
  • Also adds aesthetic look to your package.
  • It is used where image is important and for sorting purpose.
  • It helps in making various product classifications.
  • Colors available: Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green, Black & More.

Stationary Tapes

  • In smaller lengths of 4.5m, 9m, 18m, 22m and 33m.
  • For stationary and household use.
  • Decorative holographic and colored tapes for designing school projects and decoration.
  • Also available Invisible tape-used for sticking torn currency notes, Maps, Papers, Stays invisible, Writeable.

Double Sided Tissue Tapes

  • Excellent quick double - stick. Strong adhesion, Tear by hand.
  • A perfect substitute to replace glue for bonding purpose.
  • Non-deteriorating, Applicable to decoration, postal service & laminating.
  • Ideal for holding and joining of light weight items in office and house application.
  • Various sizes & grades available.

Double Sided Foam Tapes

  • Excellent shock resistance, Heat insulating, Double stick.
  • Ultra flexibility.
  • Wide range of bonding application.
  • Sticky on both sides of tape, suitable for wall-mount pictures.
  • Decorations and can be used on most types of walls, ceramic tile and wood surface that are clean, dry and smooth. Can be stamped to various shapes.

Floor Marking Tapes

  • Floor marking tapes are being widely used now a days for safety, identifying lane marking for storing segmentation, ideal for ISO 9001, QS 9000 companies, good resistance to chemical and other moving objects. Better than paints.
  • Available in various sizes and colors.
  • Colors available: White, Yellow, Blue Green, Black, Red, Yellow-Black, Red-White, Green-White & More.

Bag Sealing Tapes

  • Used by Manufacturers of plastic bags, Resealable bags, Shirt bags, Stationary goods, magazines for attractive packaging and where bag can be opened & resealed many times.
  • Permanent tape for courier or security bags also available.
  • Available in various widths viz 12mm, 13mm & 15mm.
  • Wide width (19mm) also available for bigger bags.
  • Teflon Cloth & tape also available for heatsealing machine.

Masking Tape

  • Paint masking Tape provides excellent resistance to water, Solvents and oils, Residue Free, Used in shoes for reinforcement.
  • Also used by car workshops, Hardware markets.
  • Available in general purpose & High Temperature Grade.

Filament Tapes

  • For heavy duty packaging.
  • For sealing HR coil.
  • For sealing heavy weight boxes or objects.
  • For protection of cricket bats.
  • Many sizes.
  • Many grades.

Protection Tapes

  • PRT and PE protection tapes are suitable for temporary surface protection contain 3 Packing: PET, LDPE, LDPE (Black/White) for stainless Steel, Aluminium Plates, Acrylic Plates, Name Plates, Plastic Plates, Metal Plates, Wooden Plates during the transportation and processing.

HDPE Adhesive Tapes

  • For heavy duty packages.
  • For repairing of Tarpaulins (Tirpaal).

Aluminium Foil Tapes

  • Available 30, 40, 50 and 65 Microns coated with an acrylic/hotmelt adhesive. This tape has strong and aggressive adhesion.
  • Application in clued duct sealing, vapour barrier, air conditioning, thermal insulation, refrigeration equipment and decoration.

PVC Electrical Insulating Tape

  • Fire Retardant available.
  • Various types of PVC tapes for cabling, insulation available.
  • For automobile Wiring harness. For degaussing coil, insulation.
  • Various colors & grades.
  • Heavy metal free & UL listed tapes available.
  • Colors available: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & More.
  • ISI Grade available.


  • Polyester Tapes - Single Side & Double Side
  • Filament Reinforced Paper Tapes
  • Double Side And Single Cotton Tapes
  • Nylon Tapes
  • Plate Mounting Tapes
  • Anti-skid Tapes
  • Carpet Protection Tapes
  • Structure Glazing Tapes
  • Kapton Tapes
  • Signage Material & Tapes For Signage Industres
  • And Many More..