Bi-axially oriented polyropylene film backing. Pressure-sensitive acrylic emulsion adhesive. Resistant to score line breaking and seam splitting. Designed for multiple substrates and carton liner paper. Bonds instantly & holds through wide temperature swings.
It is your sorting helping hand for your jobs. Also adds aesthetic look to your package. It is used where image is important and for sorting purpose. It helps in making various product classifications.
It is an efficient general advertising tool. Company name, logo & customized messages can be printed on tape. It seals, protects & secures your transport packages. It helps in easy-to-recognize message indications. Also helps in detecting pilferage & counterfeiting.


Lalit Jain Industries was established by the promoter Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain having experience of more than 20 years in the field of various adhesive tapes. Lalit Jain Industries has been committed to customer satisfaction with the constant drive for excellence in quality, innovation and customer service. The company is responsible in meeting challenges created by the constantly changing global environment. Specializing in adhesive tapes.

Why We Choose LKJ?

Lalit Jain Industries serves customers in the diverse industries ranging from the consumer retail markets to electronic component manufacturing, electrical insulation, automotive, surface protection, packaging, label printing, leather goods industries etc. We have the ability to develop the product as per customer specific need.

Our Products

BOPP Packaging Tapes 45%
BOPP Color Tapes 65%
Double Sided Foam Tapes 25%
Bag Sealing Tapes 85%
Protection Tapes 70%